Joanna Macy: On how to prepare internally for WHATEVER comes next

This is a very powerful article and a direction I really feel I can live by. By sharing I hope you will read it too and share. Blessed BEES.


Deva Premal and Krishna Das: chanting Mere Gurudev

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On Friday Canadian slaughterhouses refused to accept American horses bound to be slaughtered in Canada. It is not clear yet who put out those orders. This is a huge! chance for all horse, anti-slaughter and Wild Horse advocates to demand clean, humane regulations and help create those new laws!!! Lets get working and especially, let’s all work together!

Straight from the Horse's Heart

By: Cheryl Hanna ~ Pet Rescue Examiner

“We all knew this was coming and have warned of it for years…”

Horse dealers and “killbuyers” arriving with their trucks filled with American horses slated to be slaughtered in Canada for their meat were told early Friday morning to take their horses and go home. According to the Equine Welfare Alliance, New Holland Auction in Pennsylvania, Sugarcreek Auction in Ohio, and Shipshewana Auction in Indiana all confirmed rumors that although the Canadian borders were open, the trucks were turned away as they arrived at the slaughterhouses.

In 2007, the last slaughterhouse in the United States closed when Congress ended the funding of federal inspectors. Since then horses have continued to be exported to Canada and Mexico where they are slaughtered for their meat which is then sent to European markets.

It is unclear whether this ban will be permanent or temporary…

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WHE website: providing great background info about the Wild Horses and how endangered they are today!

Wild Horse Education

On Thursday, September 20th, a meeting of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Resource Advisory Council (RAC), for the Northeastern Great Basin, met in Battle Mountain, Nevada.

These RAC’s were formed by the BLM to add in gathering public input to create land use plans. For the public interested in wild horses these boards make recommendations that include the forage allotments in Herd Management Areas (HMA’s).

From BLM website:

“The Bureau of Land Management formed 29 Resource Advisory Councils (RACs) in the western States to provide advice on the management of public lands and resources. These citizen-based groups provide an opportunity for individuals from all backgrounds and interests to have a voice in the management of these lands, and to help improve their health and productivity.  RAC recommendations address all public land issues, including: land use planning, recreation, noxious weeds, and wild horse and burro herd management areas.”


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Shame, Shame, SHAME on Hugues Dufour!

Tuesday's Horse

This past Saturday, a group of dedicated activists (see photos on Facebook) gathered at MoMA PS1 (Museum of Modern Art) in Long Island City, Queens, New York, in protest of the museum’s new restaurant tenant, M. Wells Dinette, and its intention to serve horse meat.

Other than the nuisance factor, the protest made little impression on French-Canadian chef Hugue Dufour, who re-opened M. Wells with wife and partner Sarah Obraitis, on September 27, 2012. Dufour is not changing his mind about serving horse meat, and sees absolutely no reason to take it off the menu. Earlier this year, the M. Wells crew served horse meat in a grilled sandwich at a popular Brooklyn outdoor festival. Dufour, who hails from Montreal, appeared on Canada’s Food Network television show “The Wild Chef”, the same network that featured horse meat in an episode of “Top Chef Canada“.

The people…

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To the Heart of a Mustang

Another productive week!

Aries is getting less and less resistant about lowering his head when the bareback pad is on him. This is a very slow process. I have wrestled with how much to ask of Aries. He is a smart horse, but due to his long life in the wild, he is accustomed to a pretty slow pace of life. He does not deal with “fast” very well. I remember discussing “emotional control” with my friend and mustang trainer Jamie Thomas. She said emotional control is one of the most important things to teach a mustang. I think Aries will take extra time to develop that control. When stressed or threatened, he still reverts straight back to wild stallion, which is understandable.

So it’s been and will continue to be a slow program of reconditioning his reactions. It will likely take years! But he’s worth it!

I have a…

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