To the Heart of a Mustang

Another productive week!

Aries is getting less and less resistant about lowering his head when the bareback pad is on him. This is a very slow process. I have wrestled with how much to ask of Aries. He is a smart horse, but due to his long life in the wild, he is accustomed to a pretty slow pace of life. He does not deal with “fast” very well. I remember discussing “emotional control” with my friend and mustang trainer Jamie Thomas. She said emotional control is one of the most important things to teach a mustang. I think Aries will take extra time to develop that control. When stressed or threatened, he still reverts straight back to wild stallion, which is understandable.

So it’s been and will continue to be a slow program of reconditioning his reactions. It will likely take years! But he’s worth it!

I have a…

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