A wonderful story from one of my Teachers: Animal Communicator and Author, PENELOPE SMITH

Penelope Smith shared Our Beautiful World & Universe‘s photo.
Yesterday, while watering plants with harvested rain water in my sprinkling can, while I held the container high above the plant to simulate rain, a black-chinned hummingbird came by. These are beautiful, dark, small hummingbirds with violet colored throats. He came to drink from the “rain” fountain. I held the can as steady as I could, as he drank. At one point, he looked at me to see if it was safe to come closer. It was wonderful to hold his powerful direct gaze. Then he showered as the rain supply ran out and landed a few inches from my hand on the can and stayed a minute or so. He drank further from the droplets on the leaves, showing me his long tongue. We had a beautiful time enjoying the garden together. Later he told me he visits every day, since I have so many flowers in my garden (lots of salvia, penstemon, and other hummingbird providers). A gardener’s delight! What a special friend!
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A lifetime is not what's between the moments of birth and death.A lifetime is one moment between two little breaths.The present, the here, the now..That's all the life we get,We live each moment in full,In kindness, in peace, without regret..- Chade Meng
A lifetime is not what’s between the moments of birth and death. A lifetime is one moment between two little breaths.
The present, the here, the now..

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