A long but excellent read to get up to speed what is happening to the Wild Horses.

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The Environmental Assessments (EA and in accord with NEPA) is and always has been the criteria BLM and DOI must abide by, legally, when wanting to roundup horses.  When in violation of an EA, then the roundups cannot, and according to Federal Law -l should not happen — it is that simple.  This government agency ignores this situation, AND LAW, and performs the rounups anyway at heavy cost to not only the taxpayer, but when cattle involved on Public Lands, which ruins the entire Ecosystem!  BLM, DOI and Salazar essentially states, “. . . the taxpaying Public can go to hell.  We will do what we want!”

We are a nation governed by laws within the United States.  Government agencies are governed by these same laws, many statutes, and backed by well established legal-precedents.  Combined, these laws are well supported and certainly attest to the outright fact that excuses…

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