A Man with a BIG Heart: Mr Matsumura, a true Hero!


From my fb wall:

Regina Siegel shared Naoto Matsumura, Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals‘s photo.


A very special story, thank you, Diane for sharing!

FROM: “Diane Bozarth”

Mr Matsumura, a true hero!

The Hachiko Coalition Page
April 22, 2011 marks the date that the No Go Zone closed to animal rescue groups and everyone. The zone closed to everyone with the exception of those that refused to leave the 0-20km zone. Mr. Naoto Matsumura is that exception. He has chosen to stay in Tomioka and live in his house surrounded by silence except for the noises from his animal menagerie. And menagerie it is. Mr. Matsumura feeds and cares for cats, dogs, and now many cows. He has been referred to as an old man in various media articles, but in reality he is only 52 years old. Mr. Matsumura was a rice farmer in his life before the Fukushima triple disaster. Today he is the lone inhabitant of Tomioka and spends his days taking care of the animals around him. Other groups and individuals have come together to assist Naoto in this monumental task and a temple of Zen monks from Fukushima and their association has been working with Naoto. We received work late yesterday through translators that Mr. Matsumura desperately needs hay. Hay in enormous amounts to feed cows that are in his care is urgently needed. Hay deliveries would be gratefully accepted at the Temple of Monks. The monks and Mr. Matsumura are in need of volunteers. More details click on the link below. Thank you Mr. Matsumura for your selfless dedication.




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