Vaccination Information Network (VINE): Vaccine scares

Vaccination Information Network (VINE) I posted this comment, wonder if it disappears? (Joanna). This article is ever so patronising! The majority of parents who don’t vaccinate, research both the diseases and the vaccines before making a decision, it isn’t something we take lightly. In fact, research shows that it is university educated parents who are most likely to refuse,, and most of those parents don’t make the choice based on any ‘scare’. There was no ‘scare’ when I decided not to vaccinate my children back in 1995. Diseases have declined because of our improved living standards, clean water, good food, flushing toilet etc and all the diseases were in decline naturally anyway when vaccines were introduced, even in 1977 they knew that and admitted it in the Lancet: In fact, in the 1940’…s Merril Chase, an immunologist, discovered that antibodies alone were not responsible for immunity and this was confirmed recently in the Immunity Journal on, This is evidenced by the fact that the majority of people in epidemics are already vaccinated, for instance, in the California whooping cough epidemic, most of those affected were vaccinated (more than 80%), and research has found similar scenarios for other vaccines. Hib in adults has actually increased as a result of the childhood vaccine,, so it’s no wonder that many parents are not willing to risk disability and death of their child (listed in the package inserts of vaccines) for something that isn’t even proven to work. Please don’t insult us with dumbed down comments of a 5 year old mentality, the issue is far more complicated than that.

Vaccine scares that lead portions of the population to forgo vaccination could become more common as more diseases become eradicated.

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