From Mustang Meg: Trip to the colorful Wild Horses of Oregon

Sonya Malecky-Spaziani, Mustang Meg is a well known artist and advocate of the Wild Horses from Oregon.

Here is a video of her trip in 2011 as whe is planning on going out to visit them on the range again.

Mustang Meg
It’s time to take you out with me again, to “run with the wild horses”.

My new video, “With the Wild Horses”. At first I was going to only put October footage on there, but my brain has a mind of its own, and made me also add snippets of other trips out there this last year. But you’ll see October shots. There was a feel I was after. My mind has many ideas for videos and this is one of them which it came up with by 5am in the morning. This one was alot of fun, and ran me through the emotions. Both song pieces are meaningful to me, as well as the footage chosen for this piece. The two pieces of the music (by Toto) at the beginning and the end of the vid, I’ve had in my head since I was a kid, and wanted somehow to tie it with the wild horses since way back then- and pow, this vid worked for what I had stored away in my brain- it always made me think of running horses when ever I heard the instrumental part of the music. I’m a wild weather nut, and so the lightning at the beginning and the blips of “mustang” and then my alias “Mustang Meg”, to me is symbolic and is sort of my vision of a ‘metamorphosis’ if you will, giving me back who I was long-long ago- and bucking the confines of modern society. I have wanted to use “Run with the Wild Horses” for quite a while, it fits what I’ve wanted to say and she says it better then I ever could have. It’s by Natasha Bedingfield.
Length: ‎6:17

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